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Spread the word! Tell your employer about us and get a free M membership for three months when your company becomes a corporate client.

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What’s in for you and your colleagues?

Fun group workouts with your team
Discover more than 50 activities
Check in at over 7,000 partners
Stay flexible with online classes
Create the perfect work-life balance
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What’s in for your employer?

Joint workouts strengthen team spirit
Happier employees
Reduced absenteeism due to illness
Sport and mindfulness strengthen resilience
A great corporate benefit to attract new talents
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Ready? Fill out the form below and we’ll send you your personal referral code. 


Convince your company and share your code with them, which they’ll need to enter during the registration process. 


Make sure you are not the person signing the contract. 


High five! You’ll receive a three-months free M membership.
Did you know that you can also recommend us to any other company that might be interested in corporate fitness? Share the joy of sports, make other teams happy and get a free membership.

Refer us to a company and

work out for free!

Spread the word! Tell your employer about us and get a free M membership for three months when your company becomes a corporate client.

Bring corporate fitness to your company.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be an Urban Sports Club member to participate?

Not at all! You can refer any company that you think could benefit from Urban Sports Club.

What’s the benefit of having an M membership for a referral, if my employer becomes a customer and I get a membership through them anyway?

Very good question! Employers have the flexibility to decide how much they want to pay for their employees. The employees choose the membership (M Business or L Business) that suits them best. If you successfully recruit an employer who offers their employees a discounted membership, you will receive a free three-month M membership. 

If it's your employer and they decide to cover the full employee M membership, we'll give you a free three-month L membership instead.

Who can I refer and what do I have to consider?

You can recruit a company if the following criteria are met: 

  1. The company has at least five employees.
  2. You can refer a decision maker or a person who is responsible for procuring corporate benefits for the company.
  3. If the company signs a collaboration with Urban Sports Club other than through the referral code, the enrollment will not count as a qualified referral and the referring person will not receive the free membership bonus.
  4. The company has not previously requested a corporate fitness offer from Urban Sports Club using an email address or pseudonym. 
  5. The referred company enters into a cooperation agreement with Urban Sports Club within the following six months after submitting the referral and providing the referral code.
  6. The referring person has a residence in Germany and is at least 18 years old.
Can I refer a friend for an individual membership?

Referrals from individuals are not part of this program. Within this program you can only refer companies with at least five employees. If you are already a member of Urban Sports Club, you can also refer friends via your member profile. 

When will I receive my reward?

If a referred company becomes a corporate customer of Urban Sports Club, we will contact you within the following 30 days to confirm the details that we need to send you your reward. Please note that the sales process might vary from company to company, so we can't predict how long it will take for a referred company to become a customer.

Will I receive my reward if Urban Sports Club rejects the company I referred to?

There will be occasions when a referred company will meet all the requirements, but Urban Sports Club will still be unable to welcome that company onboard as a customer, for other reasons. This is very rare, but should this be the case, you will still receive a small thank you as a gesture of goodwill.

More questions? You'll find them covered here.
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